GlobalLAN 10+2T1

Global Wireless Solutions

Global Wireless Solutions offers a high-end Multiplexer that combines a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connection with dual T1/E1 channels into a common digital data stream. This unit can be used with many different manufacturers’ radios.

The GlobalLan 10 + 2T's is a fully digital, full duplex, multiplexer that combines a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet signal plus dual T1/E1 channels into a single bit stream used over an RF Microwave link. This unit can be connected to any bridge, router, or switch via a 100BaseTx / RJ-45 interface connection. The unit easily interfaces to any new or existing microwave radio via two industry standard BNC connectors.

The GlobalLan 10 + 2T's uses a increased efficiency in their modulation scheme than previous 10 Mbps LAN-to-Ethernet interfaces. Because this unit is full duplex and fully digital, the result is excellent throughput, superior performance, and outstanding signal to noise ratio. By being full duplex, with both ends simultaneously transmitting and receiving, the result is double the throughput as compared with half duplex systems. With the units' incorporation of digital components, it is extremely resistant to environmental conditions such as: temperature, humidity, vibration, and stress.

The unit has many beneficial features such as: Long Range Mode, packet flow control with dynamic buffering, and a wall mounted power supply converting AC power to a low-voltage DC line. By utilizing Long Range Mode, there's an added +7dB gain, with a slight loss of throughput. However, with its' use of flow control with dynamic buffering, there is really no noticeable performance difference. Also, by wall-mounting the power supply and its converting the AC power to a low-voltage DC line, it provides a safe internal voltage and operating temperature without the need for cooling fans.

Radio Features

  • Full Duplex Fast Ethernet
  • 100Base TX RJ-45 LAN Interface
  • Dual T1 Interface: Two RJ-48 (4-Wire) Meets Bell Standards
  • Dual E1 Interface: Two pair G.703 75 ohm CCITT Compliant
  • Radio Interface: 75 ohm BNC Tx/Rx
  • Packet Flow Control w/ Dynamic Buffering
  • Long Range Mode (LRM) adds +7dB
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to install; 19" rack mount - 1RU
  • Upgrades existing LAN and LAN+T1/E1 Microwave Links
  • Interfaces to numerous manufacturers' radio.
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Fully Digital
  • Highly Reliable
  • External Power Supply

Technical Specs

  • Radio Type: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
  • Frequency Range : 5.25 – 5.35 GHz
  • Compliance: 802.11a
  • Data Rate: Dynamic; to a maximum of 108 Mbps
  • Sensitivity: - 71 dBm
  • Modulation: 16 QAM
  • Configurator: Built-in web-server utility
  • LED Indicators: Link, Fuse, Power, and Power Forward
  • Cable Type: Cat 5e 4x2x24 AWG double-jacketed weatherproofed
  • Cable Distance: 100 meters between indoor and outdoor units
  • Dimensions: Outdoor-25x20x15 cm, Indoor-15x8x3 cm
  • Power: 100 – 220 VAC
  • Environment: Indoor-0 to 40c, Outdoor- -15 to 50c,
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity

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