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The need for speed and demand for bandwidth is entirely a different ballgame for the Telcos and ISPs. Bandwidth of 11Mbps is not enough for expanding a network service infrastrucuture.

For high-bandwidth requirements, Global Wireless Solutions offers a full line of licensed and unlicensed solutions. We have available a large pipe, unlicensed product that can provide a 108 Megs of throughput. Also, we have available a high-end multiplexer.

Our high-bandwidth systems are available in the following models:

GlobalTelecom 108 - our 108 Mbps - 5 GHz RF microwave solution utilizing OFDM technology in the 5 GHz UNII band.

GlobalTelecom 10+2T1 - a fully digital, full duplex, multiplexer that combines a 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet signal plus dual T1/E1 channels into a single bit stream used over an RF Microwave link

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