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GlobalLan 11 is Global Wireless Solutions' 11 Mbps wireless platform, using the unlicensed 2.4/5.8 GHz UNII band. The GlobalLan 11 has the ability to use the Turbocell proprietary protocol, or the WI-FI 802.11b protocol depending upon your particular solution requirements. This dual ability allowing an administrator to either use the proprietary or open-source protocol makes the GlobalLan 11 family of brouters the most versatile on the market today.

Global Wireless Solutions monitoring and management software allows administrators to monitor an entire wireless cell via a GUI interface, and also use the internet for offsite control. The system software also includes: immediately scalable data rates to individual users enabling service providers to offer differentiated pricing, and system upgrades to business and residential users without costly truck rolls or downtime.

The GlobalLAN 11 Series is available in the following models:

  • 2300 - the most powerful, flexible and high performance wireless platform on the market today
  • 2400 - for high-speed point-to-point and/or point-to-multipoint applications
  • 2500 - a Base Station (Access Point) using the 802.11b WI-FI compliant protocol.
  • 2600RAN - utilizes dual 2.4 GHz 11 Mbps DSSS radios to provide double the coverage and bandwidth
  • 2680 - single user solution for a SOHO wireless connection
  • 2685 - business wireless solution offering customers multi-user connectivity
  • 2690 - the base station in the 2600 series which can handle up to 64 satellite remote sessions.
  • 2690RANa/b/g- the base station in the 2600 series which can handle up to 64 satellite remote sessions and better network management through TurboCell..
  • 5800 - same technology as the 2400, but comes with a 5.8 GHz frequency up-converter.

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