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GWST Gets Nod For Final Network Design In Africa

GWST gets nod to finalize network design for critical Radar Surveillance and Telecom Infrastructure System for 3 African countries. The project is expected to generate approximately USD700Million in revenues and has been tested through successful pilots in the 3 African countries for the past 4 years.

Also included in these pilots were services like Video on Demand (VOD), Broadband Internet Access, Fixed and Mobile VOIP (Voice over IP) as well as traditional voice services. These services will be a standard part of the network to be rolled out.

CEO John Elliott states, "a project of this size and nature was a hard sell but through the use of privately funded pilots it has stood the test of time and has proven the proposed model to be stable and scalable. GWST has never relied on outside investors but through frugal management of profits it has re-invested in pilots with high profile clients. With these, GWST has made a substantial cutting edge for the past 11 years in this industry. These current rollouts on top of pilot infrastructures will ultimately create thousands of jobs for this great (African) continent."

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