About Global Wireless Inc.

Global Wireless Solutions

Global Wireless Solutions is a Florida Corporation with headquarters in Bradenton Florida. Global Wireless Solutions was incorporated May 2003.

Global Wireless Solutions, Inc is in the business of commercializing its technology and services worldwide. GWS provides a full line of wireless products to meet every bandwidth requirement. Our products utilize various Radio Frequencies depending on the customers' applications.

The market segments that GWS is marketing towards are those that require an alternative to a wired infrastructure. Those potential customers will included: Government agencies, Private Enterprises, Telcos, and Internet Services Providers. GWS has evaluated the marketplace and the competition, and believes that it can successfully compete.

GWS has developed a team of professionals that have worked in the industry and are quite familiar with the product lines. Their goal is to generate sales, maximize growth, and strive for profitability. GWS will accomplish this through the synergy of all the team-members efforts.

Global Wireless Solutions was founded with the thought and conviction that a better wireless platform could be engineered and brought to the market place. Global Wireless Solutions has accomplished this and is offering it to the world.


Global Wireless Solutions & Technology, Inc. will continue to provide our customers with quality products and the best possible customer service in the industry. Our goal is to become the industry’s leader in total wireless networking integration geared towards unique applications. All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We have strategically positioned ourselves to be competitive with our various product offerings.

Our talented personnel concentrate on creating and maintaining positive customer relations and promoting the establishment of long-term relationships. By producing the best possible products and providing the best possible customer service, Global Wireless Solutions & Technology, Inc. will continue to focus on profitability thereby meeting or exceeding expectations of its investors.

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