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We manufacture and custom-build solutions suited for your every wireless communication needs. We have a complete line of products designed to meet Telco, ISP, Corporate and Government wireless requirements. We put our wireless manufacturing industry experience at your disposal so you can deploy your network where you need it, when you need. We don't build and sell it. We ask you what you need first, then we build it.

Nowadays, lack of cable infrastructure is a thing of the past. Where cables are not available, our wireless systems are highly capable. We supply wireless systems for indoor applications, long-range high-speed wireless, Telco and ISP services and provide integrated data, voice and video application.

We are Global Wireless Solutions and Technology. Our products range from 11Mbps point-to-point and point-to-multipoint proprietary and Wi-Fi compliant systems to 100Mbps unlicensed long-range microwave systems. Our wireless systems can handle a combination of Telco and ISP services and carry applications such as data, voice and video.

So, no matter how challenging your requirements may be, and no matter where you want to deploy your network - we will be with you every step of the way. From North America to Africa, from Europe to Asia-Pacific, you only need one wireless systems solutions provider - Global Wireless Solutions and Technology.

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MOU Prepared For A VSAT MPLS Network Rollout in Asia-Pacific

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been drafted and agreed to for a region-wide rollout of VSAT-MPLS Services in Asia Pacific.

GWST Gets Nod For Final Network Design

GWST gets nod to finalize network design for critical Radar Surveillance and Telecom Infrastructure System for 3 African countries.

GWST Enters Into A Multimillion Dollar Alaska Project

GWST signs an agreement for a multimillion dollar network infrastructure project in Alaska.


GWST's 2006 Product Catalog now available for download.

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